Margot: Playing with snow

Well done Margot!

This really does look fun!

Hi class

After learning about ice and snow at school, I had fun playing with flour which looked like real snow.

I could make lots of different shapes and patterns in it including my handprints. I also drew a P for penguin.

It was a lot of fun and very messy but luckily not as cold as real snow!



Under the sea


Well done Ruya!

And thank you to your big brother for helping!

Ruya has enjoyed learning about the rainbow fish! We read the story at home and she was able to retell some of the main events! Here she is working on her under the sea adventure box with her big brother Aden.

Amira’s under the sea scene

This looks amazing Amira.

Well done!

Amira’s under the sea scene

Amira created her under the sea project using her favourite under water creatures! She had so much fun making mermaids and discovered what happens from inside a submarine, she found sharks, whales, lots of fish and seaweed under the water. We also went fishing and caught a rainbow fish, It was a lot of fun!

Gingerbread Man activities

Have a go at making your own gingerbread man out of paper or cardboard.

You might like to have a go at practising writing the letter ‘r’

Or even write the word ‘run’

You might like to have a go at making your own game. Your gingerbread man could play the game with you. You will need a dice, paper and a pen.

Draw a track on a big piece of paper.  Decide where you would like to start and finish.  Write numbers in order to 10.  Don’t forget to draw a river.

Use your gingerbread man to move around the track, counting as you go.

Good luck!

Jude’s ice exploration!

Fantastic ice exploration Jude

Well done!

Hi class

As the weather has turned CHILLY I decided to have a play with some ice at home! I wanted to trap some of my polar animals in the ice and thought I’d leave some in water outside and put some in the freezer and see what happened. I’ve been checking on my outside animals each morning and it’s not yet been cold enough to freeze the water but my freezer experiment worked fantastically!
Can you see the penguins trapped inside the ice cubes? First I used bubble wrap and containers to create a world for my icy animals to live in. Then I found some of my tools and tried to free them from the ice. It was really tough as the ice was very hard and cold on my fingers!! I even tried sprinkling on some salt ‘snowflakes’ and noticed that this helped to melt the ice.
Penguins are one of my favourite animals at the moment, what is yours?

Bubbly numbers

Ruya this is wonderful.

I wonder if you can spot a missing number?

Ruya loves using her numbers in the bath.. we have been practising recognising and ordering her numbers to 10 .. she can finally do this all by herself! Ruya “ mummy how do we do 11 and 12?” We are now working on numbers to 20! 👍🏻


Ruya this is fantastic !

Weel done!

Here is Ruya practising her sounds in yummy Porridge oats. Can you spot the sounds she has made? We also tried to spot things around our home beginning with the sounds that she knows.! Ruya -“ s if for simba and sandwich, t is for table and torch”. We have also been practising our ‘robot voice’ …Ruya can hear the the sounds in the words cat, dog and fox!

Ice week

This week the nursery children have been having fun exploring what happens when water freezes.

When water gets extremely cold it changes its form and turns from a liquid (water) to a solid (ice).

We had fun exploring the ice and tapping away at the ice with hammers!

We also explored an animal that lives in a cold place where there is ice…………a penguin!  We also talked a lot about icebergs

We made our own models of a penguin using empty yoghurt pots.  We got sticky with the PVA glue but look how well they turned out.

We also painted a representation of a penguin using black paint.  We listened carefully to the instructions and painted the penguin step by step.  First the shape for the body, next 2 flippers, then 2 feet, then 2 eyes and 1 beak.

We also made our own information books about penguins.  Here are some facts.

We hope you like our books.

To finish the week we made our very own orange slushy drink- “It is yummy!  But too cold!”

The tree in our mud kitchen also had some interesting icy decorations.